The Capsule 21 Podcast.
A weekly podcast with the entire Capsule 21 team and an interesting guest, about (on-chain) art, technology and web3.
41 Episodes

Ep 41: Podcast PIVots: Mining the Depths of My Crypto Co-Host!

We PIVOT and talk to PIV as a GUEST! We learn about his roots as a Bitcoin memer, about his rise in Ethereum, starting with Moon Cats, and his journey through the medium of Punk to Glass Punk.

Ep 40: Ordinal-y Extraordinary: Ranking Satoshis from Least to Beast w/ Max Fowler

We chatted with our guest, ordinals expert Max Fowler, about ordinals, how much it costs to inscribe on Bitcoin versus storing on Ethereum, and the original Bitcoin wizard who said that you SHALL pass... around internet money.

Ep 39: The Death of the Pure LARP

We bemoan the death of pure LARPing through the lens of Ledger security LARPing and SBF's, LARPing. We discuss how Vitalik once used a pure LARP to prove he was alive. Along the way, we cover the death of the Sherson and the rise of the Shersheep, we talk about Andy Kaufman, Inception, and whether it is okay to say that you've read Green Eggs and Ham.

Ep 38: Sip and Sell: The Buzzed Bridge from Botticelli to Blockchain

We discuss alcohol in the traditional art world and in the CryptoPunk art world. We took a look at the new Capsule 21 website and explored its many pages. We talked about copyright in general and in the context of Andy Warhol and a recent Supreme Court decision. And we talked about AI and what people looking at AI next week will look like when they pass us.

Ep 37: "Brushed" with Death: Do Facts Have "Life Still"?

We talked to our guest artist Roberto Salazar about his artwork, advertisements, media literacy, AI, and The Death of Facts.

Ep 36: Leaping for Profits: 🐸 $PEPE's Ribbit-ing PEPE-coaster in Crypto's Bouncy Castle

We discuss the 🐸 $PEPE coin phenomenon. Does everything that goes up go down?

Ep 35: A "Brush" with Chinese Landscapes and AI Creations with Georgina Hooper

Our guest this week is Georgina Hooper, an artist who blends the traditional five strokes of Chinese landscape painting with contemporary AI art. We discussed her journey, stamps, impressionism, Su Shi, and the rise of the feminine in Web3 through the vessel of the Octopus.

Ep 34: Struck Gold in the Exposure Mine!

We spoke with photographer and film maker @ryanstruck how he got his first digital camera, how he became a vanlifer 4 life, and about how to succeed in web3!

Ep 33: NFT NYC Recap

In this episode of the Capital 21 podcast we talked about NFT NYC, the highs, the lows, both in terms of rooftop parties and basement parties. We talked about Pokemon cards. Shiny. Beautiful. We talked about MC Escher, Kelly Ellsworth, the MoMA, Yves Klein, and we talked about our beloved Babylon.

Ep 32: Snap Judgments: Say "Cheese" to AI's Aperture Apocalypse

We talk with our guest Sean Bonner ( about his street photography, his art, AI Doomerism, various other photographers, abstract expressionism, the buying and selling of art, and is Ethereum dead??

Ep 31: How to Stay Organized During Humanity’s Final Hour

On this episode of the Capsule 21 podcast we return to our Twitter spaces roots for a discussion of existential AI risks, along with some lighter topics, like using dorozome dye on your shoes as well as techniques for getting a ship into Marie Antoinette's pouf.

Ep. 30: Concrete Conversations with Prorok.eth

We talked to our guest Prorok about his artistic journey with concrete, four digit ENS names, Man Ray, and concrete vs. cement, the final journey, answered!

Ep. 29: The Marfa-lous World of Daniel Calderon Arenas

We talked to our guest Daniel Calderon Arenas about his Art Blocks Genesis project and his journey as an artist in the Web 3 space. We discuss CryptoPunks, AI prompting, Midjourney vs. DALL-E, and we talked about Donald Judd.

Ep. 28: Babylon Back Room Guy Tells All!

We discuss the gas savings of the new Babylon Dungeon, Duke Nukem, Doom, id software games (especially Wolfenstein 3D), Punch Out, Dove's favorite artist Kristoffer Zetterstrand, accessorizing, Mooncats accessories, French cinema, and this week's new Babylon exhibition!

Ep. 27: The Echoes of Time (w/ Mark Graeffe)

In this episode we talk to sculpturist Mark Graeffe. We discuss CryptoPunks, CryptoPunks attributes, Bitcoin Punks, Ordinals, Time, as a concept (and in general), and longevity of blockchains and of sculptures.

Ep. 26: Trapped in the Babylon Dungeon With Too Much Treasure!

We discuss new ideas for Capsule 21's Babylon, including new backgrounds, Healing Quill, and the Mirror. We cover Paris Syndrome and Lisztomania. Finally we pick a new Babylon Theme and discuss options for Middlemarch's new Skeleton Key.

Ep. 25: What is BABYLON?

On a rare guest-less pod, the C21 team discusses their newly-released blockchain game Babylon ( Learn how Babylon works, where the name comes from, and why we did it!

Ep. 24: What is a Forever Punk? (w/ @foreverpunksnft)

Punk enthusiast and builder Forever Punk teaches us how to find our "Forever Punk" on his website Learn how to appraise Punks, how to find the perfect Punk for you and your brand, thoughts on Ordinals, and other salacious controversies!

Ep. 23: Can a Punk Make You Cry? (w/ @fvanstry)

Web3 cinematographer Frederic van Strydonck walks us through the challenges and secrets he discovered bringing CryptoPunks to life on the wide screen.

Ep. 22: Fun in the Sun!

We take you on a tour of the Capsule 21 Metaverse Gallery ( and analyze our past work. We go on to discuss the tenuous relationship between clarity of artistic vision and sales volume.

Ep. 21: Lessons from our forefather, with Jeremy.eth

The Capsule 21 team talks to Expansion Punks creator jeremy.eth (aka @posvar) about the "Four Quadrants of Punk Derivatives" and also "shocking discoveries."

Ep. 20: Lessons From The Joe Rogan Experience, with Michael Hirsch

The Capsule 21 Crew experiments with "pulling up" outside visual content into the stream (Joe Rogan Experience-style) and discussing it. We go on to discuss Indelible Labs ( with our guest, Michael Hirsch.

Ep. 19: How to Create A Successful Video Podcast

In Capsule 21's first ever video podcast episode the C21 team discusses tips and tricks for creating a successful video podcast. Our guest, Jason Cline, shares his perspective, drawing from his experience as co-host of Punk Radio ( Here is my (Middlemarch's), setup: Camera: Sony Alpha A6600 Mirrorless Camera Camera Lens: Sigma 30mm F1.4 Contemporary DC DN Lens for Sony E Mic: ECM-B1M (this ended up being a disaster, I'm getting a Yeti) Tripod: Manfrotto Element MII Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head Camera Capture Thing: Elgato Cam Link 4K Camera Power Adapter: Gonine NP-FZ100 A7III Dummy Battery Continuous Power Supply AC Adapter Kit for Sony Alpha HDMI Cable: Amazon Basics High-Speed 4K Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable

Ep 18: 2022 Year in Review

The Capsule 21 Team asks itself these probing questions on the eve of a near year: 1. Everything I’m good at and enjoy doing 2. Everything I know I’m not great at 3. Hard learnings I’ve made this year 4. Biggest challenges this year. We also commit to becoming a video podcast (a "VCast") in 2023!

Ep 17: ‘Class is in Session’ with professor @criticalfunct

What film is the starting point for post-war Japanese cinema? Where does Azuki fall in this arc? Or is it just anime-flavored gruel. Professor Critical explains it all!

Ep 16: The Death of the Twitter Hex

The Capsule 21 team mourns the impending end of the Twitter NFT PFP Hexagon: “O lost, and by the wind grieved, ghost, come back again.” We also discuss CryptoPunk derivatives.

Ep 15: Brainstorming The Next Greatest CryptoPunk Derivative

The Capsule 21 team breaks the rule that you should keep everything secret and talks about their next project in advance!

Ep 14: How To Publish a Berk Ozdemir Interview Podcast Episode

In this Episode—loosely based on Helen DeWitt's short story "Climbers"—the Capsule 21 team reminisces about the making of the immediately-preceding then-unreleased Capsule 21 podcast episode featuring an epic interview with Berk Ozdemir. Then we walk the audience through the mechanics of publishing the Berk Ozdemir podcast episode in the context of the platform and UI. Finally, we make a pact to release one podcast episode per week—irrespective of quality—through the end of 2023 and then to lecture people that anyone can succeed in podcasts if they are willing to put in the work required to release one podcast per week for a year.

Ep 13: What is a Bastard Gan Punk? With special guest Berk Ozdemir

In Q1 2020, Berk Ozdemir created one of the most celebrated and iconic CryptoPunk derivatives ever: BASTARD GAN PUNKS V1. "Gan" refers to "generative adversarial network," in which two "adversarial" neural networks "fight" one another in an exercise to determine the most messed up looking CryptoPunk that is still recognizable as a Punk. In this episode, Berk explain the process behind BGAN punks and their V2, community-driven, DAO governed iteration. Learn also his overall perspective on NFTs, what he's working on now, and, if you're lucky, how to mint part of a rational number.

Ep 12: On-chain and *in-Twitter hex* Moonbirds? Generating BMPs in Solidity with @cxkoda

@cxkoda explains exactly how he put Moonbirds on-chain and how you can use his techniques and code to create next-generation on-chain NFTs that work in the Twitter hex and are generally more reliable and compatible because their are BMP files not SVGs!

Ep 11: How to “prompt”ly succeed in AI art with @unrealSov

AI Art Pioneer @unrealsov joins us for a discussion of the nature of AI Art with concrete tips and tricks. Our in-house AI Art Expert Dovetail offers his own perspective and reveals his TikTok!

Ep 10: Camp v. Kitch: The Final Showdown

Camp v. Kitch. Which is better? And what are they even REALLY? Are CryptoPunks Camp?

Ep 9: Indelible Labs Co-founders Explain How to Sell Out Your NFT Collection

Special guests Michael Hirsch (@0xhirsch) and Roberto Pando (@RobPando) of @Indelible_Labs explain what Indelible Labs is and how it can help you create an NFT collection. Then they use their deep experience to give you concrete advice on making that collection SELL OUT! A can't-miss episode of the C21 Pod!

Ep 8: An Episode About Nothing

Is it even possible to have an episode about nothing? Isn't nothingness itself a topic? In this episode we discuss a variety of topics, including Modulo Bias!

Ep 7: Nouns and the End of Vibe Subsidies

After a quick review of Capsule 21's latest project Default Punks, we dive into Noun's recent decision to close their Discord. Should DAO be responsible for offering centralized vibe subsidies to members with no social skills? What is a DAO anyway? FIND OUT!

Ep 6: Q1 2022 NFT Archeology Exam

Can an NFT be "historical"? What about an NFT that came out in the historical quarter Q1 2022? On this pod we answer these questions and finally nail down which is better: history or philosophy.

Ep 5: Art? Or st-ART-up? “Howie” to “SEC”-ceed in NFTs without really trying!

Special guest @hWonderofWorld discusses the pitfalls of running an NFT project like a company. How can you sell NFTs without also selling unregistered securities? Listen to find out! The Capsule 21 Podcast is taped in front of a live Twitter Spaces audience every Thursday at 5pm ET! Join us and appear on the pod!

Ep 4: The Censorship Epi███e

What is censorship? Can the blockchain help us combat it? Do we want to combat it in the first place? In this episode we discuss these topics as they pertain to the suppression of ideas as well as the "economic censorship" made possible by reversible transactions. Foobar's article "Why Finality Matters" receives attention on this last topic ( REMINDER: The Capsule 21 Podcast is taped in front of a LIVE Twitter Spaces audience every Thursday at 5pm ET! Follow @dumbnamenumbers to learn the schedule and join us!

Ep 3: Kickstart Your Career With Podcasting!

Hear a former start up CEO, former architect, and former Marine talk about how to build a career in the NFT space! And these are only your hosts. Other career-minded people also showed up to give and receive advice because the Capsule 21 Podcast is taped before a Live Twitter Spaces Audience every Thursday at 5pm. Join us next time! Speaking on a podcast is a great way to improve your personal brand and career!

Ep 2: The Future of On-Chain Art Is... Off-Chain?!

If on-chain art is so great, why is it so difficult to right click save it? Yunks as an example: you don't even know what the canonical version to right click save is because it's different on different browsers. Piv offers the idea that maybe this is good! Middlemarch says the issue is that on-chain art "larps" by requiring a ton of off-resources to render, ultimately harming the "lasts forever" point. Some solutions are discussed. Later leads a fascinating discussion about the evolving social nature of NFTs in the context of a recent Sotheby's xcopy sale.

Ep 1: The Final Episode

It's the end of the period of time when Capsule 21 was merely a Twitter Spaces and not an official podcast. NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the final episode of the Capsule 21 Podcast, which will hopefully never come!