Capsule 21.
From the ancient world to today, artists have been drawn to the subject of boozing and carousing. Drunks is a CryptoPunk derivative that pays homage to this long—and sometimes overlooked—love affair.
Capsule 21 Podcast
Weekly podcast with the entire Capsule 21 team and an interesting guest, about (on-chain) art, technology and web3.
Babylon Game Art
Explore some of the art from Capsule21's Babylon Game.
Marilyn Diptychs
500 Andy Warhol-inspired Marilyn Monroe Diptychs, each randomly generated at mint using only colors from the CryptoPunks collection. Individual Marilyns can also be minted as PFPs.
Yunks are a synthesis of the color palette of artist Grant Riven Yun and the 10,000 CryptoPunks. Yun’s work encapsulates an nostalgic feeling, due in large part to his limited, warm, and washed out color palette. This work is not affiliated or endorsed by CryptoPunks or Grant Riven Yun.
CLICKBAIT is a 100% on-chain artwork that combines CryptoPunk colors in abstract square compositions. Clicking each square reveals the place of the color in the Punks collection. As we have done before, we reuse a composition from the traditional art world—Josef Albers’s 'Homage to the Square'-and translate it to the 24x24 pixel grid.
mememe is an entirely on-chain manifestation of you. Each mememe mint generates an NFT displaying 7 stripes of color. Your unique ETH address determines the exact lineup of hues. It cannot be traded—only you can own yourself. mememe broadcasts the colors and messages of every mint on the Leaderboard: a continuously updated and publicly accessible record of the project.
CYBERPUNK is the fusion of CryptoPunk art with the subversive and rebellious CryptoPhunk movement. CYBERPHUNK transforms the original Punk art with a y-axis mirror and a full color-mapping done entirely on chain, without adding new traits or editing existing ones.
Still Lifes
Edouard Manet once called still lifes 'the touchstone of painting'. With the Indelibe Labs tool, an on-chain NFT collection of 600 different still lifes was generated by using about forty inanimate objects. The classic still life subjects such as apples and skulls occur, but also CryptoPunk attributes such as a VR or a burning cigarette.
Default Punks
Default Punks is a limited collection of all 954 unique CryptoPunk default PFPs. For each Default Punk, its specific silhouette-defining traits are included in the metadata.
Fashion Hat Punks
Fashion Hat Punks is an on-chain PFP collection that invites us to imagine a world in which all 10,000 original CryptoPunks wore fashionable hats but otherwise looked the same.
Punk Pixels
Punk Pixels is a 100% on-chain NFT collection that allows you to own any of the 2,091,094 pixels in the original CryptoPunks as an individual NFT.
Vanitas draws from three previous Capsule 21 projects—namely mememe, MaMoMe and Still Lifes—but it adds something new: address-derived compositions. Vanitas NFTs can be mined indefinitely, but the same ETH address always leads to the same colors and composition.
Vertigo Punks
Each NFT depicts a sequence of a single CryptoPunk, read from the CryptoPunks data contract and programmatically repeated 360 times.
MaMoMe is Capsule21’s first on-chain Open Edition, minting for 48 hours only and in honor of the OC Marilyns @ Sovpunk Museum exhibition. MaMoMe is a derivative of two earlier Capsule 21 projects: OC Marilyn PFPs and mememe.